Business Law Department

The center was established in the year 2005 to operate the academic and research activities of LL.M Business and International Trade Laws (BITL) Program.

Objective of the Center

1) To promote research oriented activities in the field of Business and International Trade Laws in national, regional and international level.
2)To serve up to date information in the related field of Business and International Trade Laws


During the academic year 2013-14, BITL program was conducted as per the academic calendar. The program involved and encouraged students in discussion, interaction, presentation and research on concerned subjects. More importantly, vivid discussions among students with the higher level officials of concerned subjects like Insurance, Stock Exchange Board and WTO department of Ministry helped portray the pragmatic picture in the screen. Analytical approach and academic values in course of teaching were taken into special consideration during the discussion.

Regular activities like term paper writing, presentation and assessment of concerned law and cases on jurisprudential aspect in class helped students boost up the standard.

Seminars on particular subjects were organized in the regular basis inviting the resource persons for the related subject Guest Lectures by experts in the related field were conducted in a regular basis covering wide range of subjects such as Insurance Law and Regulation and Role of Insurance Board, Securities Transaction, Commercial Arbitration, WTO, Aviation Insurance, Taxation Law, The Business Law Center has taken initiative to collect electronic as well as print reading resources in the field of Business and International Trade Laws in order to promote research activities in the related field.