Clinical Departments

KSL has two in-house legal clinics, the Prisoners' Legal Aid Clinic and the Women Victims Legal Aid Clinic. These clinics provide pro-bono legal counseling and representation in Kathmandu valley and beyond, and are a symbol of school's commitment to the community. Students are required to participate in legal clinics and accompany experienced lawyers to their counseling sessions in order to observe real attorney-client interaction.

Victims' legal aid 

Victims Legal Aid is providing legal aid services to victims of trafficking and violence from the very inception of Kathmandu School of Law. The clinic provides legal education and legal redress for communities at risk. The services provided by the clinic are legal counseling, documentation, preparation and filing of cases and their representation.

Students of LL.B./ B.A. LL.B are involved in the clinic on a rotational basis. Students are given different files to read, analyze and understand the facts and problems of the cases. Students should address the relevant laws and precedents for the case in favor of the victims.

VLA conducts debate programs on various social issues to broaden the student's knowledge on the existing laws and the situation of various social peripheries. VLA also coordinates the applied legal research activities relating to violence and gender issues.

Prisoners’ legal aid

Prisoners' Legal Aid Clinic provides free legal aid and representation to indigent prisoners and victims of human rights violations concerning criminal justice system. The legal aid programme was started from March 1999. Five different centers in Kathmandu, Janakpur, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar and Chitwan were established in order to make the services available to people throughout the country. From May 2003 onwards, the centers have been rearranged into three centers at Biratnagar, Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. Kathmandu Legal Aid Center has been handed over to KSL Legal Aid Center from 1 January, 2004.


Considering Development objective to strengthen the standard of the criminal justice system in Nepal by securing indigent prisoners' access to legal defense or representation in criminal trials and appellate reviews, the following immediate objectives have been initiated:

1) To strengthen the awareness of prisoners' rights to access to justice through legal defense
2) To strengthen the standard of legal defense
3) To establish a framework for a sustainable nationwide criminal legal aid system