Examination Department

Marking System and Evaluation Procedure
The scores of the Internal Assessment Tests are submitted to the examination section by all the subject teachers at the end of each term. The consolidated internal scores of two terminal exams and one term paper writing are then submitted to the University at the end of every academic session. 
The work for which a student is assessed with respect to each subject comprises of the following:

Written examination conducted by the university
LL.M.:  A paper for one subject carries 60 marks.
B.A. LL.B.:  A paper for one subject with 100 credit hours carries 80 marks and 40 marks for subjects with 50 credit hours.
Internal assessment 
LL.M.: carries 40 marks for one subject: 20 Marks for term paper and 20 marks for terminal exams.
B.A. LL.B.: carries 20 marks and 10 marks for 100 and 50 credit hours subjects respectively.

Written examination is held at the end of each term. 
To pass the examination, a candidate must obtain 50% marks for each subject in LL.M. and 40% marks in LL.B.
Criteria for Internal Assessment 
Class and seminar participation, Home assignments, Tests, Viva/Moot court, Term Paper Presentation, Class and Library Attendance, Participation in Community Programs, Participation in Extra Curricular Activities 
Recording System
The examination section is well equipped with advanced software to maintain a proper and updated record of the students.