KSL has extensive library (Devnath Prasad Burma Library, named after the first license holding lawyer of Nepal). The library comprises array of books in the field of law and justice, research reports, law journals, case law reports and also contains number of national and international journals.

KSL Library does not limit its service to its students and teachers, but also acts as an ‘open library’ serving the interested readers from 6 am to 5 pm (except holidays).

Total number of books and documents in the library is 18952.

Library Operation System

The books and documents are computerized and classified as Dewey Decimal Numbering basis. The library has developed manual system to search the required books and documents. Readers can search the resources either by using the manual or the computer, which shows the number of books and documents on specific subjects and their call number and location. Importantly, no book is issued for the readers (except for the internal organizational use).

Subject Specific Library

Keeping in view of the limited space and increasing demand of books for different specialized-subjects offered specially in LL.M and M.A programs, certain portion of books and documents of Devnath Prasad Library that comes under subjects Human Rights and Gender Justice, Criminal Law and Justice, Business and International Trade Laws, International Humanitarian Laws, and Peace and Conflict has been shifted to this subject specific library named as Peace Negotiation Resource Center (PNRC).

The PNRC which was initially established as a resource center for documentation of reading resources related with peace and conflict has expanded its service to above mentioned subject areas.

Additionally, the center encourages scholars and researchers to involve actively in conflict transformation and peace building process through their academic contributions.