ESDR-Selection Process (KSL Students)

ESDR-Selection Process (KSL Students)

Prerequisite for participation:

      a) Must be a student studying in Third year and above or LLM in Kathmandu School of Law.

Motivated students are invited to submit their applications. Applications are accepted until October 3rd 2018. Students interested in participating in the Selection process of the 13th Winter Residential School on Economic Social and Development Rights are requested to submit a written application containing:
1) Brief CV of the applicant. (Not-exceeding 2 pages)
2) Letter of Interest/Motivation. (Not exceeding 700 words)

 The letter of motivation/interest should state at least:

       1.Your motivation for being interested in joining the winter school as a participant.
       2.How would the summer school contribute to your own development as a student or professional?
       3.Your previous experiences (if any) with regards Human rights, economic, social and development rights and Environmental      law.

The applications are to submitted within the stipulated deadline i.e. October 3rd 2018 at

Selection Modalities
As there are limited numbers of seats, the individuals will be selected through an open, merit based competition. The merit will be determined being based on –
       1. A written essay. (1000-1500 words).
       2. Interview and viva.

The applicants are required to write the essay by being within the ambit of the following issues-

     1. Differential Gender impacts of climate change.
     2. Sustainable development and management of resources in the Mountain ecosystem.
     3. Biodiversity and human vulnerabilities in the Himalayas.

The essay papers must be entirely the product of student’s own labor and research i.e. it must not be plagiarized. Plagiarism would entail an automatic disqualification. The grading of the essay paper will be based on -

     1. Originality of thought
     2. Depth of research
     3. Depth of arguments advanced
     4. Accuracy in application of citation and format rules.

Apart from the essay a separate grading will be done as to elucidation/defense of the ethos of essay paper and the letter of interest/motivation during the interview and viva.
The following details are important for the selection process –

     1. Applicants must submit the essay within stipulated time and also must appear during the Interview/viva i.e. completion of both the processes is mandatory.
     2. Essay papers on the same issue/topic can be done by one or more applicants.
     3. The essay papers are to be submitted within October 3rd 2018.
     4. The interview/viva will be conducted on October 6th 2018.
     5. All limits with respect to length and time are compulsory with no exceptions.
     6. Improved essay papers after the end of stipulated deadline are not allowed and no exceptions will be made.

For further queries, send an email to
Asst. Prof. Yugichha Sangroula
International Law and Relations Study Centre
Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur, Nepal