B.A. LL.B. Program

KSL offers five-year B.A. LL.B. course after completing +2 or intermediate course in any stream. The course comprises of the studies on wide areas of law. In view of necessity to relate the study of law with wide range of professionalism, social science and technology, the course of B.A. LL.B. is designed accordingly. Hence, in the initial years, the first and second year, students get familiarized about basic principles of political science, economics, sociology and management. Their significance in law is demonstrated. Besides, in these years, fundamental principles and concepts of law, legislative principles, and theories of criminal and procedural laws are discussed.  In the third year, students are exposed to advanced theories and principles of laws, such as trail advocacy, ethics, constitutionalism, etc. In the fourth and fifth year, the course intends to generate specialized knowledge of different domains of legal science. The course intends to develop adequate analytical power and critical thinking among students. There are four basic areas of specialization offered in the fourth and fifth year which are:

1) Criminal Law and Justice
2) Constitutional and Administrative Law
3) Commercial Law
4) Environment and Development Law

The course requires students to engage themselves in research and community outreach activities as a part of the curricula. As per the course objective they have been involved in a number of applied research activities and community outreach programs. Mandatory Clinical teaching approach has made them excellent in the preparation of the case presentation, interviewing and counseling of clients. In order to make students fully able to compete with their peers in the region and abroad, English language is made compulsory medium for communication in classes. Seminars, interaction and workshop programs organized for academic enhancement of the students are also conducted in English language.

For further information, please write us at info@ksl.edu.np