Regular Extra Curricular Programs

Every year KSL conducts the following extra curricular programs to deepen the scientific understanding of social legal issues with focus on social engineering role of lawyers:

Crime Analysis Research

Speech Competition  B.A. LL.B. 1st Year
Residential School on International Relation Debate Competition B.A. LL.B. 2nd Year
Research on Legal Ethics  LL.B. 3rd Year
Sociological Research on Jurisprudential Issues LL.B. 4th Year
Research Based Internship  LL.B. 5th Year
Moot Court Competition  LL.B. & LL.M.
International Residential School on Economic, 
Social and Development Rights and Good Governance 
LL.B. & LL.M.
Residential School on Research Methodology  LL.M.
Residential Program on Philosophy LL.M.